Feed your skin

The secret to beautiful skin? Feed it. Marula oil is one of the nutritious oils we use in our luxury facial oils.

Considered by some as an African treasure, Marula oil comes from a tree that is indigenous to Southern and Western Africa and has a long history in African culture. The oil is harvested and pressed by community collectives of (mostly) Women. It has a slight, pleasant earthy smell that disappears once absorbed into the skin. It is rapidly absorbed without leaving an oily residue and it's prized for its capability to naturally nourish the skin. Cold-Pressed (to maintain the integrity of the nutrients) and no solvents are used in extracting the Oil. Naturally, "Clean Skincare". Rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, Marula Oil significantly improves hydration, evens skin tone and targets skin elasticity. It's deeply nourishing and aids in stimulating the skin's ability to regenerate itself. You can use it alone or combine it with a favorite moisturizer for an additional "boost". 

If you're invested in taking care of your skin then a facial oil like Marula Oil is a "must have". Suitable for most skin types and especially for Sensitive and Mature skin.

Make room for simplicity in your skincare and feed your skin. In doing so, your skin will find its own beautiful balance.