So what makes us so Special? Our ingredients....

We have so many interesting, exotic and "downright good for your skin" ingredients in our products, that we think its a good idea to let you in on what they are. More importantly, what they can do for you. There's a we'll take them one or a few at a time.

This week's featured ingredient is Barbary Fig (also know as Prickly Pear). It gets the headline on our facial oil for good reason. It's a highly moisturizing oil with plenty of beneficial properties for the skin. High in Omega-6 Fatty Acids, Carotenoids, Vitamins C and E, and Flavonoids, this nutrient rich oil contains powerful antioxidants. Barbary Fig oil quickly absorbs into the skin and is very high in Linoleic Acid. (That's the ingredient that helps to maintain skin's suppleness and brightens the complexion). Barbary Fig doesn't clog your pores. It is ultra-nourishing, softens the skin and is especially kind to Mature skin. It's prized for it's anti-aging profile. It is also a natural toning oil. When used as a night serum, it reduces the appearance of dark spots, leaving the skin looking more youthful. It has a slight nutty fragrance that is typical of the oil. Our Barbary Fig facial oil is combined with Marula & Pomegranate oils, for their synergistic value. Of course the ingredients are Organic and Cold Pressed (which retains the nutrients).

 If you're invested in having healthier skin, then these facial oils are key to good skin health. It's no wonder we can't keep up with the demand for our Barbary Fig, Marula & Pomegranate luxury facial oil !