Body lotion, Body Cream or Body Butter?

Lotions contain water and can be tricky to formulate, especially if they contain botanical extracts. We love them because they don't leave skin feeling greasy. If they contain specialized ingredients, like Glaucine, then they specifically target skin firmness, like our body firming milk lotion. Body lotions typically have a nice, slippery feel, glide nicely and leave skin softer. Will they create a lasting moisture barrier? No. Because they are water based and evaporate throughout the day.

Body creams are heavier than a lotion, but lighter than a body butter, like our bodylove with cocoa & shea, ultra-rich body cream. A good body cream is a happy balance of easy application and deeply penetrating moisturize. Very effective of coming to dry skin's rescue. Body creams do contain water, but also contain natural butters which are then emulsified to create a rich cream. You don't have to apply as often to alleviate dry skin.They are an excellent choice to keep all skin healthy, soft and supple.

Body Butter is formulated using only oils and natural butters and contain no water. There are many natural butters than can be used to create a body butter. We locked down a winning combination of Olive fruit oil, Hemp seed oil and Coconut Oil. Add a skin soothing botanical extract, like Comfrey and you have a barrier butter that will comfort Sensitive skin while creating a barrier that locks in moisture for up to 24 hours. Dry, Sensitive, Sensitized and Troubled skin benefit the most from a body butter. A well formulated body butter will protect, nourish and soften even the most delicate of skin. A quality body butter will strengthen the skin lipid through regular use.

We don't add fragrance or dyes to our body butter because it would defeat the goal of caring for the skin. A body butter does take a bit longer to absorb into the skin, but it is well worth it. The best way to use a body butter is right after a bath or shower. Damp skin will allow for greater absorption and ease of application. 

You can use all three choices in combination, different seasons or to target specific issues.  

Choose well. Choose quality and non-sensitizing ingredients for visible, beautiful results. After all, Strong, healthy skin is Beautiful skin.