Great skin has a story to tell

Behind every glowing complexion, there is a story. It only takes a few simple steps to achieve radiant skin.

1.Clean your skin. No going to bed with your makeup on! Dull, congested skin is the result of a dirty face. Don't forget to double cleanse as well. No shortcuts. Your facial cleanser should be ultra mild. Once to remove the makeup, a second time to finish the job.The key is to be gentle with your face and not tug at delicate skin around the eyes and not to scrub at your face.Hot water is a no no, too. Lukewarm water will do the trick.
2. Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize. It's all about strengthening the skin barrier so your skin is able to protect itself from everyday stressors. Find a moisturizer that's right for you and use enough product so that it is able to do the job. Two or three pumps and warm it up on clean fingers, then apply. Lock it down with a facial oil if you feel you need the extra boost. 
3. Protect your face from the sun at all costs. Sunscreen, big hats, sunglasses. No tanning beds!
4. Add a treatment product to your daily application. Antioxidants with innovative ingredients can help protect your skin from UVB rays as well as target hyperpigmentation and other signs of stressed skin.
5. Exfoliate. Lactic acid is a gentle way to deep clean and lift away dead skin cells. As we age, so does our ability to turn over skin cells. You'll look refreshed and your products will be able to absorb better. If your skin is extra sensitive, speak to a skin care specialist about products suited for you. 
6. Facial Masks. They don't have to be time consuming. New, bio-active facial masks are ready to go and only take 10-15 mins to reap the benefits. Masks are multi-taskers. If you have dry skin, look for hydrating masks. Oily skin benefits from exfoliating and detoxing facial masks. Apply a mask, check your messages and before you know it, Viola! Refreshed and replenished skin.
7. When was the last time you cleaned your cell phone? Guess what happens when you constantly put it against your skin? You guessed it...bacteria transfers to your face. Change your pillow case regularly, too.
8. Beauty is not just skin starts from the inside. Be mindful of what you eat and drink. Get enough sleep. Manage stress. Put a filter on your shower head. Keep a humidifier on your night table in winter and dry climates.
9. The ingredients you put on your face matter. Choose fragrance free and clean chemistry every time.Your skin will thank you.

Let's get glowing.