Have you ever heard that expression, "if you can't pronounce an ingredient in your product, you shouldn't use it?" It's Not True.

Here's why it matters....

A strong skin barrier is imperative to the health of your skin. Since the health of your skin is the foundation for glowing, beautiful skin, it just makes sense to avoid "Skin disruptors" at every opportunity. Skin disruptors are ingredients that break down the skin barrier, leaving the skin vulnerable to a host of issues. So, in our efforts to make better skincare choices, we can throw the "baby out with the bathwater". Don't get hung up by the term "Natural" and that only "Natural" products can be good for the skin. While we do want "clean" skincare, the terms are not always the same. The category status is not the most important requirement in good skin products. Not all "natural" ingredients are safe or desirable for the skin. Often, it's just a marketing term. What is important is that our products do not contain potential skin irritants and sensitizing ingredients. Start with fragrance (natural and synthetic) and simply don't buy products that contain it. It's a big "skin disruptor". Find the toxins (parabens, etc.), allergens (methylisothiazolinone) and say goodbye to them.


Of course ingredients should be explored, but don't discount unusual sounding ingredients as harmful to your skin.

Labelling laws require that ingredients be named by their proper Botanical names. For instance, did you know that Adansonia Digitata is Baobab oil? Psidium Guajava extract is Guauva Fruit extract? The old saying "if you can't pronounce an ingredient in your product, you shouldn't use it"
...is just not relevant.