Winter Weary Skin?

If you live somewhere where Winter is not a big deal, then you have the last laugh. If you are like the rest of us, you are already in the throes of Winter weary skin. Don't despair! With a few changes to your products and routine, you can get through Winter with great skin. Here's a few winter "shoulds" to consider:
Change your moisturizer to a cream formula, or add a drop or two of a facial oil to your moisturizer to give it an extra boost. Consider a cleansing milk lotion during the winter season. It will gently cleanse but not strip your skin. Turn on a humidifier,especially in your bedroom at night. Use products without sensitizing ingredients, like fragrance, retinol, abrasive scrubs,etc. You may want to consider a water filter for your shower, especially if your hair and skin are feeling extra dry. A few simple changes will make all the difference in health of your skin.