to revel in and make the most of.

Linger and take pleasure in the daily ritual of cleansing and caring for your body. Silky gel cleansers, pure soaps, body creams and body butters are formulated with botanicals to refresh, soften and nourish the body.


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Pure Goat Milk Soap Beekman 1802  9oz Fragrance Free

Pure Goat Milk Soap 9oz-Beekman 1802

CDN $16.00
Pure Goat Milk SoapBeekman 1802Pure, Triple Milled Goodness.Creamy, pure goat milk combined with replenishing botanicals will nourish and moisturize even the most sensitive of skin.Triple Milled means that excess water is removed, leaving behind an...
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Pure Set of 2  Beekman 1802   Pure Goat Milk Hand Wash Body Lotion

Pure Set of 2-Caddy

CDN $45.00
Pure Set of 2 -CaddyBeekman 1802 Pure. Clean. Simple. Farm Fresh Goat Milk Hand + Body Wash teams up with Pure Goat Milk Body Lotion to keep your skin naturally healthy and replenished. Goat Milk is naturally high in Lactic Acid that will keep skin...
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Rockwell 2C Double-Edge Safety Razor -White Chrome

Rockwell 2C - Double Edge Safety Razor

CDN $40.00
Rockwell 2C Double-Edge Safety Razor Not your average razor.The beginner can transition from disposable razors without the risk of nicks or cuts because of the proven, patented design.No plastic waste, No nicks, Adjustable settings, Pennies per shaveThe...