Are you still using a lotion on your face in Winter? If so, it's time to change your skincare....

Winter is time to pamper your skin and yes, change your skin care products...

*Consider a milk or cream cleanser to cleanse the face. Only Lukewarm water to rinse and don't over cleanse!

*Use a toner that is especially formulated for "Sensitive" skin. All skin can benefit from a "Sensitive skin" product. Add a serum after a toner.
*Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisture! Lock in Moisture with a cream base formula. Lotions can't compete with Winter weather and indoor heating.
*Time to protect the eye zone, with a ultra gentle but very rich cream base.
*Products that may be too "heavy" in hot weather is what your skin craves now. Creams, facial oils, ultra gentle products for "Sensitive Skin" will pamper your face.
*Invest in a humidifier
*Choose quality skincare---no sensitizing ingredients to aggravate stressed skin! Fragrance, alcohols, citrus, facial scrubs are ingredients to avoid, especially in a harsh climate