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Age is not a skin type.

When it comes to skincare,understanding the difference between skin type and skin concern is more important than how old you are or how dark your skin is or even your ethnicity (with a few rare exceptions). Skin type is whether your skin is dry, oily or combination and selecting cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliates, toners and sunscreen that are right for your skin type. This is the fo…

Number one question asked by your Skincare natural?

We use natural and organic ingredients in many of our products. However, natural ingredients ONLY make the cut if there is proof that it adds value to the product and is a benefit for the skin. There are many natural ingredients that we avoid in our formulas because they can be sensitizing. We do not add natural ingredients simply for marketing potential. Not all synthetic is bad, not…

To treat a skin condition, you must first repair the skin barrier

Skin barrier function is everything. Dry, flaky, red and problematic skin is asking for help!We insult our skin regularly by over cleansing, over exfoliating and using products that are not pH appropriate. Once the skin's acid mantle, beneficial bacteria and protective layer of skin cells are disrupted, the skin is easily sensitized. Once compromised, the skin is harder to treat and a chro…

Hyper-pigmentation--ingredients matter

Expensive treatments are available for addressing pigmentation in the skin, but you can also help combat the appearance of hyper-pigmentation (dark brown spots on the face) by incorporating a proper skin care approach. Look for products that contain safe pigment lightening ingredients as well as plant derived extracts that will nourish the skin as well as brighten it. Using products that…