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When you're proud of your ingredients, transparency is a no brainer

Let's talk ingredients. We take a preventative approach to healthy skin and offer formulas uniquely suited to the needs of your skin and condition. Truly exceptional skin care should not contain harmful chemicals or questionable ingredients. We also believe that great skin care should be affordable. Wisp follows this principal in all of our Wisp products, including our hair and makeup li…

Great skin has a story to tell

Behind every glowing complexion, there is a story. It only takes a few simple steps to achieve radiant skin.1.Clean your skin. No going to bed with your makeup on! Dull, congested skin is the result of a dirty face. Don't forget to double cleanse as well. No shortcuts. Your facial cleanser should be ultra mild. Once to remove the makeup, a second time to finish the job.The key is to be gentle with…

Good things come to those who wash their face before bed...

Cleansing impurities from the skin is the first step to optimal skin health. Choose a gentle Cleanser with a low pH value (no higher than 7) so as not to disrupt the skin's delicate balance. Bar soap has a higher pH and is not suitable for your face. Tips √ Cleanse once or twice a day (don't over cleanse). Remove with Tepid water. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid cleansing tools. Pat dry, no rubbi…

Retinol and Vitamin C-Can you use these Actives at the same time?

Have you heard you should not use Retinol and Vitamin C products at the same time? Well, turns out it's not true.There is a lot of back and forth on this issue but quite frankly, there is no evidence to support that Retinol and Vitamin C products should not be used at the same time. Quite the opposite!Aqueous (water based) Vitamin C products are formulated at a low pH(3.5) to support their efficac…