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It's just soap, right? Well, not exactly...

What makes a luxury soap luxurious? A Triple Milled soap...that's what. How a soap is made determines quality, performance and the feel of it. Triple milled means the soap has passed through a milling machine three times.This process removes excess moisture from the paste and insures that specialty ingredients and fragrances are thoroughly incorporated. The result is a hard, exceptionall…

You can make your DIY hand santizier safe and effective-if you know your percentages and ingredients.

Want to make your own hand sanitizer? You can do so, safely and effectively. First, you need to know how to.It never ceases to amaze me that there people who defend their DIY recipes for hand sanitizers because "they are homemade and therefore I know what goes in them", "I got the recipe off the internet", "they work for someone I know" and so on. Do you really want to risk that they do not…

Wisp Women.

Wisp. We are an Indie Company in the charismatic, sea side town of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. A niche boutique. We are influenced every day by the caring, strong and beautiful women around us to provide clean products that nurture their natural beauty. Women who embrace their laugh lines, tiger stripes and scars and know that these are a part of their history, story and uniqueness. We don't…

When you're proud of your ingredients, transparency is a no brainer

Let's talk ingredients. We take a preventative approach to healthy skin and offer formulas uniquely suited to the needs of your skin and condition. Truly exceptional skin care should not contain harmful chemicals or questionable ingredients. We also believe that great skin care should be affordable. Wisp follows this principal in all of our Wisp products, including our hair and makeup li…