About Wisp

Wisp Clean. Biodynamic.SkinCare              

What sets us apart?

botanical-ingredients-pic.jpgCreated, Tested and Made in Canada

*Micro-batch manufacturing to insure freshness
*Botanical extracts+Science= Innovative, clean formulas
*Ingredients are carefully chosen for their biocompatibilty, safety and effectiveness

Wisp's unique formulas are created from bio-compatible botanical and marine sources, containing peptides and active ingredients. Actives strengthen the skin barrier, defend against environmental stress and benefit aging skin. Healthy, glowing skin is attainable with our well formulated skincare.

We never compromise on quality. Harmful ingredients like Formaldehyde, Sulphates, Phthalates, Parabens, Hydroquinone, Methylisothiazolinone--proven skin and health hazards, do not make the cut.  Other  sensitizing ingredients, like fragrance (including essential oils), dyes/colorants are not used in our products. If any of our formulas contain a delicate scent or colour, then it is the nature of the ingredient or combination of ingredients. Micro-batch manufacturing keep our offerings fresh.

While Wisp incorporates natural and organic ingredients for specific purposes, only ingredients that have demonstrated no sensitivity concerns are chosen for our formulas. We believe in clean skincare. However, we do not agree that the term "natural" always means product purity, safety or even desirability for skin health. We choose not to define our company or products as "natural", as we believe the term has become little more than marketing hype.

 Our products are formulated and tested for stability, safety and effectiveness in a state of the art Canadian skincare lab. We are committed to treating all skin sensitively.

 "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
                                                leonardo da vinci







The fine print.

 Although all of Wisp's products are safe to use on the skin, some people may be allergic to nuts & seeds or sensitive to certain ingredients which can cause allergic or dermatitis reactions .When a product is in a "nut free" formula, it will be noted as such. Remember, a person can be allergic to any ingredient, including natural, at any time. Be sensible. Test on a patch of skin first. If an allergic or sensitive reaction occurs, discontinue the use of the product.