About Wisp

 Biodynamic. Botanical. SkinCare


We treat all skin sensitively.
Our unique formulas are created from compatible plant derived and marine sources then matched to Actives that strengthen and fortify the skin barrier, while defending against environmental stress. We incorporate natural and organic ingredients for specific purposes and focus on bio-compatibility and pH appropriate formulas, regardless of synthetic or natural status. We eliminate worrisome ingredients that are proven skin and health hazards. Fragrance, essential oils and dyes are not added to our facial care. If they are aromatic, it is the result of an ingredient or the combination of ingredients, like fruit enzymes or specific Botanicals. The result is a balance of Bio-Actives and Nature's chosen ingredients for optimal skin health. Clean Beauty.

Our products are created and tested for stability, safety and effectiveness in a state of the art Canadian skincare lab that understands the Wisp philosophy. We are committed to treating all skin sensitively. Our Boutique can be found in the charming seaside town of Mahone Bay, Canada.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"leonardo da vinci









The fine print. Although all of Wisp's products are safe to use on the skin, some people may be allergic to nuts & seeds or sensitive to certain ingredients which can cause allergic or dermatitis reactions .When a product is in a "nut free" formula, it will be noted as such. Remember, a person can be allergic to any ingredient, including natural, at any time. Be sensible. Test on a patch of skin first. If an allergic or sensitive reaction occurs, discontinue the use of the product.