Bar Soap, Body Wash or Shower Gel...what's the difference?

Bar Soap, Body Wash or Shower Gel...which one should I use?

Moisturizing Body Wash and Shower Gel are both liquid cleansers that use mild surfactants to cleanse skin (soap free).
Shower Gels tend to be a bit more liquid than a Moisturizing Body Wash and are used to cleanse but do not moisturize. A Moisturizing Body Wash (like our Seabuckthorn Body Wash) is thicker and more "gel" like than a regular liquid soap/gel. Moisturizing Body Washes tend to be low sudsing and a little goes a long way. For moderate climates, this one step cleansing eliminates the need to moisturize after showering. However, if you live in a dry climate or have very dry skin, then use a Body Lotion, Body Butter or Buttercream after showering. Apply while skin is still slightly damp to lock in extra moisture.

Soap is still sought after by many and come in so many varieties. Our favourite is our Seabuckthorn glycerin soap. It's highly moisturizing without harsh additives and made with hemp, olive and seabuckthorn oil. Our soap contains 20% more glycerin than the industry standard. Our glycerin Soap and Seabuckthorn Body Wash derive its beautiful golden colour from the oil of the Seabuckthorn berries.

Whatever you choose, maximize the benefit these products bring to your skin by choosing SLS, detergent, fragrance and colourant free.