Can you use Powerful ingredients, like Vitamin C and Acid exfoliants if you have Sensitive or easily irritated Skin?

Yes! You can...

Ingredients like Vitamin C or exfoliating acids like salicylic are powerful actives that are used in the best skincare products to brighten and benefit your complexion.

However, before jumping in with both feet, here's a few tips on how to incorporate that Serum/treatment that you have been wanting to try.

It's important to introduce a product slowly so that your skin can adapt. Start with a very small amount and don't use it everyday. Once or twice a week to start, then work your way up to three times per week, etc. Apply a fragrance free moisturizer to your skin before applying the Serum. You can even mix a drop or two into your moisturizer if you prefer. The moisturizer acts as a gentle barrier, reducing the strong effects of the Serum. While it will diminish some of the efficacy of the Serum, there are still lots of benefits to your skin via this process. As your skin tolerance builds up, you can apply more often and finally, directly to your skin, followed by a fragrance free moisturizer if you have been irriration free. If you have been diagnosed with a skin condition like psoriasis, rosacea or eczema, then you should check with your dermatologist before using any strong ingredient.