Ingredient Insight:
Synthetic Fragrance, Essential oils, Nature identical oils, Aroma blends
Fragrance has been proven to be a sensitizing ingredient. Yet, we have difficulty accepting Fragrance's role in chronic skin issues. Let's face it, who doesn't love something that smells nice? Fragrance sensitivity is not just for those with sensitive or rosacea prone skin, but for all skin. If you don't experience discomfort, you may not realize any damage has been done.Think it of like years of sun tanning. Over time, the skin barrier is weakened and your skin shows the visible consequences of cumulative exposure. Awareness is key to ingredient efficacy and safety. Perfume in your skincare doesn't serve the health of your skin well. Don't rely on terms like, "wild-crafted, organic" essential oil, Aroma blend, Fragrance Oil, Nature identical, to convince you that the fragrance in your skin care product is pure, safe or superior.
It isn't.