So what if you love our anti-aging complex or another of our fabulous facial care but want to use it with a product from a different company? Maybe you don't want to waste it or you might think that combining products will create an even more impressive list of goodies to your skincare?  Well, it's simple really. Read the ingredient list. Are there harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrance added to the product that you want to combine?

 If so, you may be doing yourself a disservice. Using our products with something that may contain synthetic fragrance or heavy thickeners may compromise the ability of the beneficial ingredients, like botanical extracts, to get through a heavy mixture. Keep in mind that we carefully select ingredients that are intended to work together.

Also, the skin will absorb only so much. We know this and adjust our percentages accordingly.

So here's a tip.. Keep it simple. Start with a cleansed face. Add the "lightest" product first (i.e. serum) and if you feel you need that extra boost, add the heavier product as the last step. 

Give your skin regime the opportunity to work well for you.

The result will be beautiful, balanced skin.