Retinol and Vitamin C-Can you use these Actives at the same time?

Have you heard you should not use Retinol and Vitamin C products at the same time? Well, turns out it's not true.

There is a lot of back and forth on this issue but quite frankly, there is no evidence to support that Retinol and Vitamin C products should not be used at the same time. Quite the opposite!

Aqueous (water based) Vitamin C products are formulated at a low pH(3.5) to support their efficacy and Retinol is formulated at a higher or acidic pH (5.5-6). The theory that you should not use these actives together is based on the pH differences and that together the actives cancel each other out. In fact, we know through research that a combination of Vitamins in skin care products is an optimal way to achieve great results. Vitamin C and Retinol have been shown to work synergestically together to protect the skin against pollutants and environmental stress. Research also demonstrates that Vitamin C increases Retinol's stability which is imperative if the skin is to benefit from these Actives. Don't forget to use a SPF when using Retinol as it can cause photosensitivity, but the benefits cannot be denied. Stimulates cell renewal, lightens pigmentation, improves appearance of fine lines...all factors in making this combination a dynamic, anti-aging duo.Vitamin C and Retinol are the most common Actives recommended for an anti-aging routine and for good reason.

In the end, always choose an ingredient or a combination of ingredients based on your skin's ability to tolerate them without irritation.