To treat a skin condition, you must first repair the skin barrier

Skin barrier function is everything. Dry, flaky, red and problematic skin is asking for help!
We insult our skin regularly by over cleansing, over exfoliating and using products that are not pH appropriate. Once the skin's acid mantle, beneficial bacteria and protective layer of skin cells are disrupted, the skin is easily sensitized. Once compromised, the skin is harder to treat and a chronic cycle of  reactive skin issues, like rashes, redness, dryness start to be a regular occurrence. Most refer to this as "sensitive skin".
So, how do we repair the skin's barrier function? These are but a few of the most common offenses listed, but a good place to start in changing the way you treat your skin.
-Remove the products that are messing with your skin. Obvious, right? Fragrance, essential oils and some extracts can disrupt the skin's acid mantle, to name a few.
-Cleanse your face properly. You'd be surprised how many women still want to use foaming, fragrance laden cleansers that do nothing but strip the skin. How you cleanse your face matters, a lot. A thorough cleansing with a gentle, non-foaming cleanser at the end of the day is enough. A lukewarm rinse in the morning will suffice, unless you have very oily or acne prone skin. Double cleanse to remove makeup. Always. No excuses!
-Over exfoliating is terrible for your skin. We prefer an creamy, enzyme based exfoliate (like pineapple, papaya) because enzymes are gentler than exfoliating acids. Please do not use an exfoliating "scrub"on your face. Ever. If you are exfoliating 2-3 times a week, it's too much!
 You may have even found that one product that doesn't cause your skin to flare up. Now what? There are a lot of products that will strengthen barrier function and address skin conditions, like hyper-pigmentation, acne, signs of aging and so on. Get an assessment from a trusted source and take the time to learn what ingredients are not suitable for sensitized skin. Once the skin barrier has the chance to rest from harsh ingredients, it has the best chance at finding balance. A strong barrier function is imperative to effectively treat other skin concerns.