When you're proud of your ingredients, transparency is a no brainer

Let's talk ingredients.
We take a preventative approach to healthy skin and offer formulas uniquely suited to the needs of your skin and condition.
Truly exceptional skin care should not contain harmful chemicals or questionable ingredients. We also believe that great skin care should be affordable. Wisp follows this principal in all of our Wisp products, including our hair and makeup lines, which we have formulated for us in a leading, award winning, Canadian lab. Botanical extracts, herbs, exotic oils, juices, pulp, Vitamins and active ingredients are chosen solely for their direct benefit to the skin. For example, our Mature skin care line features almost over 70 active ingredients to nourish, fortify and rejuvenate aging skin. Ferulic, Vitamin C, Resveratrol and other age defying extracts are chosen for this collection. Our formulas are Peptide intensive for efficacy and to target specific concerns. Our "All skin" line up contains over 50 active ingredients to hydrate, clarify and support healthy skin, like Niacinamide amd Vitamin B5. Sensitive skin requires a calming, soothing approach to protect and nourish irritated skin. Over 40 active ingredients are present in Wisp Sensitive Skin line, as well as being fragrance, essential oil and dye free. We also believe in ingredient transparency. Visit our website for a full and transparent ingredient list of each product.
Wisp is a Canadian company. Our skin care boutique is in the charming, seaside town of Mahone Bay, Canada.