Who's the new kid in town?  Ferulic Acid..meet Vitamin C

Have you been introduced to Ferulic Acid? If you haven't heard by now, this mighty Antioxidant is found naturally in fruit, vegies, nuts, oats and rice. It's making the skin care industry sit up straight and pay attention. Free radical damage is the culprit for premature aging, pigmentation and dull skin. Add cumulative sun damage, environmental stress, like pollution, to the mix and our skin is crying out for help. Ferulic Acid comes to our skins defense as a powerful, breakthrough Antioxidant.

You probably know the benefits that Vitamin C bring to the skin. You also probably have heard that Vitamin C will not do your skin any good if it's unstable. What makes Ferulic Acid unique is its ability to enhance Vitamin C's stability and to magnify its well documented contribution to our skin. Like the Batman and Robin of the Antioxidant world.

Our Ferulic Acid + Vitamin C serum contains an impressive 20% of Vitamin C. A blend of botanical extracts, like naturally derived Sugar Apple Tree extract and Asafetida extract, are a powerhouse in their own right for promoting cell interacton and collagen synthesis. An Antioxidant Serum like we haven't seen the likes of,  until now. Advanced Antioxidant protection.

Get ready to be impressed.