Lovey Dovey Cheeky Lip *SOLD OUT eta June 2021

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Lovey Dovey Cheeky Lip ~Ideal for Sensitive Skin
Luscious, Creamy Cheek & Lipware --Gorgeous on all skin tones!
Fragrance & Paraben Free  
Our double duty, dewy Cheek & Lip cream looks gorgeous on all skin tones in this Universal shade!

  • long wearing translucent cream colour
  • can be worn on cheeks or lips
  • for lips, apply with lip brush
  • apply with foundation brush for cheeks
  • Ideal for Sensitive Skin

*TIP: Add a lip balm or lip gloss for an instant "pop" on lips
*The Modern way to wear blush is on the apple of the cheeks ...stay on top of the "apple" and avoid the "hollow" of  your cheeks. Don't forget to blend! *


CLEAN MATTE-use powder

DEWY- use cream


INSTANT FACE LIFT- Our Luminous Glo Sheer Illuminating Lotion


*Colour may be slightly different due to computer screen

*Is our makeup "Natural"?
No. Simply because there is no such thing. At least legally. Colour additives are strictly regulated (even botanical colours) and with good reason. We do, however, want our makeup as "clean" as possible. One thing you can be sure of is our Makeup products are Safe, of professional quality and manufactured for Wisp in a renowned, Canadian manufacturing facility and adheres strictly to Health Canada regulations. We're happy to provide the ingredient list for any of our makeup products...just contact us and we'll email you the list pronto.
                                                                                                                 Melanie/Wisp Founder






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Lovey dovey cheek colour
Written by Candace on 2019 Mar 31st

Love this product. Day or night , it always looks natural and long lasting.

Lovey Dovey
Written by Gaylynn on 2019 Jan 27th

Fresh youthful glow. When applied to the cheek or the lip this does not appear 'made up'. So often I find blush products 'sit' on the face. This absorbs in and glows out, which offers a natural healthy looking lift to the face and lip. I pack one in my coat pocket along with a small lipgloss & mini colm which is all thats needed for a quick refresh to brighten as I go thru the day. Buy an additional 2 - one for your handbag and one for your dressing table, that way you'll always be within easy reach of your new essential.

cheek & lip cream
Written by debra on 2018 Feb 19th

My fav. Use it every day. On both my cheeks and lips. Awesome stuff.