Wisp Illuminating Lotion

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Wisp Illuminating Lotion  
Illuminates all skin tones! Sophisticated and discreetly sheer, our illuminating lotion will leave your complexion looking healthy, dewy and glowing. Wear alone, on top of foundation or mix with foundation for a luminous glow.
How to apply: Use your fingertips to blend the illuminating lotion where the face catches light: cheekbones, under the brow, the bridge of the nose, even your decolletage. Can be used alone, on top of foundation or mixed in with your liquid foundation. Tip: Use a fragrance free Primer on a clean face before applying foundation and illuminator for smooth, flawless finish.


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • wear alone or on top of foundation
  • gorgeous effect if mixed with liquid foundation
  • especially amazing for mature / dry skins
  • replaces youthful glow
  • No parabens, No fragrance
  • Not tested on Animals











*Is our makeup "Natural"?
No. Simply because there is no such thing. At least legally. Colour additives are strictly regulated (even botanical colours) and with good reason. We do, however, want our makeup as "clean" as possible. One thing you can be sure of is our Makeup products are Safe, of professional quality and manufactured for Wisp in a renowned, Canadian manufacturing facility and adheres strictly to Health Canada regulations. We're happy to provide the ingredient list for any of our makeup products...just contact us and we'll email you the list pronto.
                                                                                                                 Melanie/Wisp Founder